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In 2013, we opened a distribution centre for Stockport foodbank. 

On Mondays and Thursdays (except BHs) - from 1pm to 3pm - we open at St Martin's, 112 Crescent Park, Stockport, SK4 2JE, for referred clients.

Foodbank clients bring their voucher to a foodbank centre where it can be redeemed for three days emergency food. Trained volunteers meet them over a cup of tea or coffee and are able to signpost them to agencies able to solve any longer-term problems.

For more details see the Stockport foodbank site, including how to volunteer, or donate. Or contact us with any questions.

street pastors

Street Pastors offer help and support to late-nighters in Stockport on Saturday nights (approx 11pm-3am). In small teams of people from local churches, we seek to offer practical assistance around our town with a gracious smile!

Over the coming months there are a number of training days, opportunities to pray, and to shadow a team one night.


If you want to find out more, see their website or get in touch!


These are some of the initiatives we support and are involved with:

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