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Kids are marvellous, and a blessing from God to their parents - yes, really!

As a church, we're keen to serve and care for all ages - from the tiniest to the oldest. 


On Sunday mornings, we have a creche, and a kidsclub for those at primary school.

All our group leaders are DBS-checked.

Our Safeguarding Policy, and child information forms are available from our resources page


At kidsclub we want to provide children with a solid foundation in the Christian faith, and in particular to enable and encourage them to:


KNOW God personally and develop a relationship with Him

GROW spiritually

SHOW the love of God to those around them

Kidsclub strives to create a stimulating and engaging environment, where children feel welcomed, safe and a valued part of the whole church.


We provide our youngest children with a safe environment to play in, have fun, and be introduced to our amazing God through Bible stories, creative activity and simple prayers. 

Creche is for pre-school children (from 0-4 years), typically starts 30 minutes into our Sunday morning meeting, and lasts for about an hour.

Parents with very young children tend to keep their babies with them in the main meeting, but are very welcome to visit us in creche. 
All pre-school age visitors, and carers, are very welcome!

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