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February 2019

announcement,   Feb 17 2019

To all at Stockport Family Church,


It has been a privilege to serve as the leader of Stockport Family Church since 2008.

However, at this time, Sarah and I both feel it is right for me / for us to transition out of leadership at SFC over the coming months.

We will be moving geographically to be closer to Sarah's parents in the Midlands, over the summer.

As you will be aware, this is not a decision we've taken lightly and have been reviewing this with others over the last year.

Clearly it represents a change for us all, and we will seek to work closely with the existing SFC elders, leaders, and our ChristCentral church network, to help the transition.

I have submitted my resignation to our Chair of Trustees, finishing my employment in mid-May.

Our final Sunday at SFC will be Sunday May 5  2019.  


We would like to thank everyone in the church for their support and prayers, and ask you all to continue to pray for us, particularly over the coming weeks.  We're planning to speak with everyone shortly, and do hope to stay in touch.    


No words can adequately express our thanks to you all and, of course, to our  one, true Leader: Jesus Christ.


Grace on us all,


Christ Central

We are part of the ChristCentral Churches network - itself part of the Newfrontiers family - with our distinctives as:


Being friends, enjoying God together

Building churches empowered by Word and Spirit

Advancing the Kingdom, transforming the world

Reaching nations, making disciples

Our values - the things that we hold dear - are neatly explained in a Newfrontiers booklet you can access here

We're describing in words, but it's actually just about people: imperfect people, who have experienced the love of God expressed in Jesus, and are now living and serving together for Him.  Come and see!

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